Time & place-free face small teletherapy

October 9th 2017, many events overlapped to me and enabled myself to give small face correction to the customer no matter they are in front of me or not.

I really thank customer Mrs. O from bottom of my heart for giving me a trigger. And about a year later September 2018, I added face small therapy without announcing anything.Even there is no description, over 30 customers have taken my teletherapy until now.

They were the patrons of my salon “Renpo” and they say that the menu name at the moment “Fate changing small face correction” ringed their bell.I have many customers from all over Japan and they have 2 options, come Awaji island take direct therapy when they have relaxing time, or take teletherapy when they don`t have much time to come over distance.

There is no difference of effect between direct therapy and teletherapy, and both have each advantages (average duration after stabilization is 3 weeks, take a look on how it goes by ‘Before/After’).

On the direct therapy, we can be face to face exchanging words, and you can enjoy the coziness of massage with your five sense In other hand, you don’t have to visit my salon for teletherapy because it doesn’t ask for place and time so that you can save your time, This must be the biggest benefit for teletherapy.

Renpo’s small face therapy is done with my own awareness, so I barely touch customer’s face even on face-to-face therapy. As a result, more than 96% of my customers fall asleep soundly.

Most of teletherapy users are busy, so they take therapy while working. And when they have time, they lay their body and mostly they also fall asleep they say. So I would like you to take reservation avoid driving time. (Click here for face-to-face small face therapy)










Before & After

おぐら さやかさん 福岡県福岡市 ピラティスインストラクター

This photo has taken the 3rd day after 1 time face small teletherapy. I released the stress especially right body and back of the head for this customer. The energy flow of whole face is clearly smooth here.

N様 和歌山県 40代 セラピスト

The next day of 3rd time teletherapy. “The face outline is sharpen and makeup sits nicely!” by this customer.

Y様 岡山県 40代 会社員

The 2nd day of 2nd time teletherapy. This customer says she gained weight during new year holidays, but she gets smaller her face and smoother skin after the therapy.

Voice of customers


おぐら さやかさん

That was surprising to me when I first hear that small face therapy is possible over distance!To be honest, I wouldn’t have taken if it’s not Marie.

“Face small teletherapy”, it’s totally something I never heard of! Lol But I determined to try because I know Marie’s skill and her personality.

The result, it’s really mysterious but my cheeks are lifted and right corner of my mouth, which has been one of my problems, gets easier to lift.

The swelling and muscle tension is reduced, and makeup sits on my skin really nicely.It’s nothing but a magic experience!!I was exhausted with my work, housework, looking after my parent, so I was really greateful for healing.

To me, Marie is like a sacred big tree in shrine which lives hundreds of years and makes me feel her incredible tolerance over distance.

She is an irreplaceable person who cares me and gives me peace of mind wherever she is.I think it’s nice to use properly visiting the salon and taking teletherapy.


Yさん 40代

I have recognized her as a masseur but when I met her since years and heard about tele-massage, honestly, I was like “…What the hell is that?!”.

I have experienced massage, beauty treatment, but never imagined taking them without being touched, and done from distance.So I said in my mind “Come on, it’s just occult. No way”.

Then I tried just for fun.I was told nothing to prepare and I could do things as usual, so I was almost forgotten about teletherapy.

And it was over with no feeling, no happening.I was asked to send my face selfie in a few days, so I did.

And right after I saw her reply with before/after photo of my face… I was blown away!! I didn’t notice any change with myself and didn’t feel anything even when I saw my face in the mirror. But I was surprised taking a look on that photo with ‘the change’.

“It’s different!!”. That was my impression at first glance.I took some more teletherapy after that, and met school moms on my kid’s school open day, and what they said to me was “Have you lost some weight?”.

I strongly can say TELETHERAPY IS AWESOME!! If you live far from her and hard to visit, you should try it and feel the difference!!